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 Atomized Ozonated Water


The Atomized Ozonated Water (AOW, Patent Pending) System, solely design and developed by PIE Ozonation (Hong Kong) Ltd, utilizes continuously generated ozone, make up air and water that are dispersed through an atomizing nozzle to create a fine water mist (or fog) of absorbed ozone with resulting atomic oxygen ion in the mist.  The mist is typically sprayed into an enclosed structure, such as a covered wet well, to react with H2S and other odorous compounds in the structure headspace for odor control purposes.


Ozone is a powerful oxidant that may oxidize H2S, with byproducts of sulfur, water, and oxygen. The ozone molecules will either react directly with the odorous compounds or react with the water particles to form atomic oxygen ions, which are commonly used as a bactericide.


Ozone must be produced on-site, because it is an unstable compound of oxygen and cannot be stored. The generator must be located close to the injection point because of the very short half-life of ozone. The process requires intimate mixing of the ozone and atomic oxygen ion mist with the odorous air to be effective.

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